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Welcome to sklandor. This is the current home of The Gryphon's Game, a fantasy novel written by Cathin Yang.

This is a story about rebellion, about wars, about people who want change. It is about the people who wish to tear down an empire so they can build their own, and the people who wish to keep the current empire. It is a story about betrayal and promises, war and peace. But above all, it is a story about change.

Welcome to the Sklandor world. Welcome to my fictional reality.

Disclaimer: The Gryphon's Game contains mature subject matter. If you would be offended by violence, sexual situations (consensual and non), homosexuality, I would not read this story. If you do not like the fantasy genre in general, you shouldn't read this. If you do not like anthropormorphic characters, you shouldn't read it.

All chapters containing mature content is noted, but at the same time, please use your own judgement.

Questions, comments, and constructive criticism are greatly accepted. Flames are not and will be ignored.

Please do not post content from this community elsewhere without my permission.

All content on sklandor is © Cathin Yang unless otherwise noted.

Chapters: (to be updated as I go along)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four (Warning: Mature content)
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine (Warning: Mature content)
Chapter Ten

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