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Character ages

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Dec. 16th, 2005 | 01:47 pm
music: Newsies- Rooftop
posted by: sanitysloss in sklandor

This is a list of all the characters by age (youngest to oldest) along with additional notes. I'll have a timeline later.

Ages are in human years just because I haven't figured out the Sklandor year cycle or anything. Also the ages are according to how old they are by the start of the story.

Mela Juran Asrulda: 75 (Ruler for 50 years)
Mela Nouma Criash: 70 (Ruler for 45 years)
Maila Kinara Rasla: 60 (Ruler for 35 years)
(Deceased) Mela Kalraka Belvida: 60 (Died at 32)
Commander Alek Esteban: 59 (commander at 24, 35 years as commander)
Maila Isberi Criet: 57 (Ruler for five years)
(Deceased) Mela Daekrun Renkruia: 56 (Died at 43)
Commander Nokane Asrulda: 55 (commander at 25, 30 years as commander)
(Deceased) Commander Maladria Yisiro: 55 (Died at 42)
Deneb: 54
Captain Selena Kaurris: 52
Lady Yana Larkisis: 50
(Ex) Captain Raziel Sarlabast: 47
Flarka Montrisu: 45
Marcus Tiatho: 45
(Mela) Erik Tyral Farani: 43
Commander Aerin Renkruia: 40 (commander at 30, ten years as commander)
Mela Gareth Criash: 40 (Ruler for 13 years)
Miranda Farani: 40
Maila Tonari Farani: 38 (Ruler for 8 years)
Commander Jeyer Torlye: 35 (commander at 30, five years as commander)
Commander Enrico Rasla: 27 (commander at 26, one year as commander)
Commander Zidah Morban: 25 (Just became commander)
Aidia Criash: 16
Lissa: 16
Teriana Criash: 12
Danil: 12

Edit: Kalraka Belvida won't be making an apperance in this story, but he's an important character and a lot of the characters are connected to him, so it was important I had his age there (also helps me organize the timeline later).

Though readers of TOC might remember who he is.

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