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Lost dialogue: Chapter 11

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Feb. 22nd, 2006 | 12:52 pm
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posted by: sanitysloss in sklandor

In the folder where I keep all of my TGG related stuff, I have a folder called "Lost dialogue." It's where I keep scenes I've cut out of the chapter. On occasion, I'll take some of the "lost dialogue" and put them in another chapter, but normally I remove them because 1) they had no place in the chapter or 2) they were horrible.

The following scene is from Chapter 11. The decision to cut the scene is based on the fact it doesn't really add to anything. Most of the stuff they say I can refer to elsewhere. There's the possibility a shorter version of this scene may show up elsewhere, but for now, it's cut.

Jeyer left the room and began to walk down the halls, idly wondering what to do next. There were preparations to make for the following day, but it was only the early afternoon and he still had plenty of time. He decided to head to the festival and try to find something to pass the time.

On the way toward the castle exit, he passed by Commander Renkruia. Gently grabbing her arm before she passed, he looked at her with concern. “Helali alda, Aerin. How are you doin'?”

Aerin stopped to look at the younger commander and managed a small smile. “I've been better, Jeyer. I... I want to thank you for bein' there last night an' helpin' out.”

“It was of no burden to me, Aerin. I'm glad to have been able to help,” Jeyer replied, feeling the smallest pang of regret for his actions. He released her arm and stepped back, giving her a respectful bow. “Well, I'll let you go on your way. Helali alda.”

Aerin returned his farewell and watched him leave. She would have liked to talk more, especially about last night's events, but she knew he had things to attend to. Continuing on, she walked to Gareth's bedchamber, the two guards saluting her when she approached.

“Has anyone entered the room?” she asked.

“Only the healer, no one else, Commander. She is in there right now,” one of the guards replied. “Do you wish to enter?”

Aerin nodded and the two guards stepped aside to let the commander enter the room. As the guards had said, Shahni was already inside, removing bandages and applying new ones.

“How is he doin’?” Aerin asked, kneeling at the side of the bed and taking her husband’s hand. He had been washed and dressed in a clean shirt and pants and slept peacefully. A few bandages covered his arms and chest, but most, if not all, of his wounds were healed with only bruises and light scars serving as a reminder of what had happened.

Shahni removed the last bandage and sat back, giving a small sigh. “He woke up earlier than I thought and had a bit of a break down, probably due to the shock of last night. He's under a sleep spell right now; I can remove it if you wish to talk to him.”

Worry creased the commander’s brow. She was worried about his condition and would have preferred to let him sleep for several more hours, but it was important they spoke. Nodding at the healer to remove the spell, Aerin released his hand and sat back.

Gareth began to toss fitfully, mumbling indistinguishable words. Visions of the night before plagued his mind as he struggled against invisible bonds, giving a tortured scream as he awoke and sat up, panting for air. Fear filled his pale face and sat there, staring ahead as he tried to calm himself down.

Aerin sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to touch him, drawing back when he recoiled. The fitful tossing and screams as one relived a painful memory, she was all too familiar with it. But now it would be her turn to comfort and care for him. Reaching out again, she placed a hand on his shoulder. “It's okay, Gareth, you're safe.”

Gareth reached up to cover her hand with his. He didn't look at her but instead lowered his head and closed his eyes. While he was the victim and had done nothing wrong, he felt guilty and weak. He should have been able to fight back and defend himself, not lay there and scream in pain.

“I do not know what happened, but please do not blame yourself, Gareth,” Aerin said, reaching out to touch his cheek. “You are an innocent man who has been horribly wronged. Tell me who did this to you an' I shall see justice is brought down.”

Gareth quickly turned to face his wife, shaking his head. As much as he wanted revenge against Tonari, there was too much at stake. In the Aquila ruler's domain, despite being the ruler of the Hirykui tribe, her influence was greater and her servants and guards would be willing to testify against him. There was also the matter of pride and reputation. While he wasn't a prideful man, even he found it difficult to admit he had allowed himself to be taken advantage of by another ruler.

“It is indeed the woman you are thinking of, but please, do nothing until I've come to a decision.”

Gareth's words confirmed Aerin's suspicions and renewed her anger and she desperately wanted revenge, but she would request his wishes. She too knew his honor and reputation was at stake. Pulling him into a hug, she rest her head on his shoulder. “Very well, then I shall wait for your orders, my dear.”

He returned the embrace. “Thank you for your understanding, Aerin, and forgive me for troubling you.”

“It’s no trouble to me, Gareth. I wouldn’t want you to suffer alone,” Aerin replied, tilting her head to kiss his neck. Shahni gave a small smile and began to tidy the room, letting the two have their moment of peace.

A knock on the door interrupted the moment. The Hirykui couple looked up curiously as the healer went over to investigate. Cracking open the door, she quietly conversed with the people behind the door before closing it. “It's Mela Juran and Miss Montrisu. They insist on seeing you, Mela Gareth.”

Gareth looked at Aerin. He wanted to keep things quiet and the less who knew the better, but Juran and Flarka were both friends and had the right to know. “Well, my love, what should I do?”

“The decision is yours to make, my dear, but I believe they are trustworthy an’ would not say or do anythin’ without your consent.”

The Hirykui ruler nodded in agreement and motioned for Shahni to allow the two to enter. The two burst into the room, both obviously agitated, but concerned. They stopped in front of the bed, the expressions on their face turning from anger to pure shock.

“By the flames of Fenkura…” Juran whispered as he gaped at the younger ruler. The injuries were too numerous to have been caused in an accident, but it couldn’t have been caused by a random assailant. While he suspected the ruler’s absence wasn’t due to illness, he hadn’t imagined… this.

Flarka was equally stunned, her hands covering her mouth. Like Aerin, she had seen horrific injuries before, but still recoiled when she saw the scars and bandages on the ruler. “Who… who did this?”

Gareth looked down in shame, truly sorry they had to see him in such a state. “Maila Tonari.”

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