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Name meanings (take two)

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Feb. 7th, 2006 | 02:15 pm
posted by: sanitysloss in sklandor

This is simply an updated version of my first name meaning post with additional meanings for names (as well as more characters) as well as other famous people/characters that share their name.

Taken from Think Baby Names as well as additional google searches.

Aerin: Ireland, from Ireland (Gaelic origin)
Others: Tolkien's Aerin
The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley

Gareth: Gentle ("Sir Gareth, noted for his modesty and bravery, was a knight of King Arthur's Round Table") (Welsh origin)
Others: Sir Gareth, Knight of the Round Table

Raziel: "The Lord is my Secret", secret (Aramaic origin)
Others: Archangel Raziel

Selena: "The moon" (Selene was the moon goddess, sister to Helios, Greek origin)
Others: Selene, Goddess of the Moon
Selena Quintanilla, Mexican-American singer
Selina Kyla aka Catwoman (couldn't resist this one)

Lissa: Bee (English origin)

Yana: Gracious, merciful (Slavic), "he answers", "the lord is gracious" (Hebrew)

Erik: Complete ruler (Scandinavian and Old Norse origin)
Others: Eric I of Denmark (as well as 6 more kings named Erik)
Eric I of Norway (and Eric II )
Eric/Eirik I of Sweden (as well as 13 more kings named Erik)
Erik the Red
Sir Erec, Knight of the Round Table

Marcus: "Dedicated to Mars" (latin origin)
Others: Marcus (the usurper emperor)
Marcus Antonius aka Mark Antony
Marcus Junius Brutus (the most famous of Caesar's assassin)
Mark the Evangelist
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Alek: Defender of mankind, warrior (note: Alek is English and German in origin, but it comes from Alexander, which is Greek. Alek is also the common Russian form).
Others: Wikipedia entry on Alexander
Alec Trevelyan
-Esteban: Crowned (Spanish, but related to Stephen, which is Greek)

Enrico: "Estate ruler" (note: Enrico is Italian, but related to the Spanish name "Enrique" as well as "Henry", which is German)
Others: Wikipedia entry on Henry

Teriana: "Late summer" (related to Terry (English origin) and Teresa (Greek))
Others: Saint Teresa of Ávila
Thérèse de Lisieux

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